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Laboralerts is a service that allows users to receive alerts about employment loss notifications near you.

Developing an action plan for getting a new job

WARN notice monitoring services help employees by letting them know up to sixty days in advance that they are going to be laid off or adjustments in the company workforce. WARN notices are required by law under certain situations; they inform workers ahead of time that the factory they work at is going to be closed, that their company is planning a major layoff, or that they and many others may soon be losing their jobs or face an possible workforce adjustment. WARN notice monitoring services can help provide access to these important notices. This can be extremely helpful, as it allows workers the time and knowledge to develop an action plan for getting a new job. Both employees and employers will benefit from WARN notice monitoring services; they make the layoff or closing process easier for everyone involved.

If you are an employee who has recently been given a WARN notice, here are some tips on creating an action plan.

Revamp Your Resume

Take some to look at your resume and make sure it is up to date. This is especially good to do if you have been at your current position for a long time. Make sure your resume covers all of the experience you've gained from your current position. Additionally, state that your WARN notice is the reason you are seeking a job.

Find Your Niche

The employment market has changed drastically over the past decade. Find your new niche. The jobs you may be interested in might be in a completely different industry than the one you were formerly employed in.

Personally Contact Employers

In addition to submitting your resume through the automated site, make sure you personally contact employers to ask them questions about the job opening. This will make you stand out in their mind, and increase your chances of getting an interview.

Explain Your WARN Situation

During the interview, make sure that you explain your WARN notice. Employers would rather hire someone who has been laid off, or is about to be laid off, than someone who was fired or quit.

Be Confident

Lastly, remember to be confident. If you were called for an interview, you have the skills the employer is looking for. You deserve this new job.

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