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Laboralerts is a service that allows users to receive alerts about employment loss notifications near you.

Why a WARN Notice Service can help you?

Federal laws, rules and regulations under the Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act (WARN) are complex and must be implemented correctly. Protect your business and your employees. If your business is facing a layoff or a shutdown, rely on our expertise to make sure WARN notices are issued appropriately and on time.

Overview of WARN

Workers and their families and communities are protected in some situations where a plant closes or a large number of employees are laid off. A business may have to offer 60 day advance notice to affected employees, employee representative, state agencies and local governmental officials.

Businesses Subject to WARN

We can help determine whether your business's circumstances fall under the requirements of WARM. Businesses with more than 100 employees who are terminating employment for 50 or more employees are often subject to WARN, but there are exceptions based on worker tenure and the number of hours worked per employee. Other exceptions include:

  • Limited term projects
  • Worker strikes
  • Unforeseeable business circumstances
  • Natural disasters
  • Faltering companies seeking new capital or business

Our WARN Notice Service is able to notify you on whether your business has issued a notice within a state as required by state and federal laws.

Notices Required by WARN

WARN notices must be written, specific and follow the requirements of federal regulations. Depending on the organizational situation of each business, the notices may need to go to individual employees or their representatives.

Using our WARN Notice Service may alert you of a notice filed by your employer by law and will be delivered to the appropriate individuals or representatives. Notices are also required to be given to state and local agencies and governmental officials. We are familiar with many states' resources and offer that knowledge to you at this critical time.

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